The Business Problem

Westinghouse deploys a wide network of field engineers for quality control. These field engineers have to monitor electricity supply and demand, inspect equipment, make repairs, etc. But, there was no way to interface with the engineers while they were actually in the field. Assignments were doled out before they went into the field and priorities could not be changed except by phone. Westinghouse approached Copper Mobile with the idea of building a project management mobile solution to solve these problems.

The Engagement

Copper Mobile created a web-based backend application for managers and a mobile app for both managers and field officers. The app contain workflow management ensuring enforcement and tracking of Westinghouse’s predefined processes. The backend application allows the supervisor to create tasks, along with priority, for his/her team. The field engineers can now track their priority tasks and timelines through the mobile application. The app also lets them post progress updates on those tasks instantly. Real-time metrics on the web-based project management dashboard ensures visibility into the location, status, and capacity of field resources. This allowed for a more effective utilization of resources, saving the company

both time and money. We developed a push notification engine to ensure updates are sent to the field engineers any time there is an update on a project they are involved with. Copper Mobile developed an analytics engine to analyze and display the most important metrics on the project management dashboard. A custom data search engine was developed to allow supervisors to search through the all available data and records. Advanced graphical reports allow users to perform causal analyses in cases of slippage. The solution enabled easy data migration with import and export capability. The solution also replaced paper-based processes, helping Westinghouse further save money as well as making its business more sustainable.

The Result

Copper Mobile embedded within Westinghouse in order to learn their core processes and pain points by spending time with their field engineers and operations team, we didn’t build an app — we delivered a custom mobility solution with functionalities solving each partie’s problems.

By undergoing a rigorous quality assurance phase directly in conjunction with Westinghouse field engineers, we were able to deliver a solution that was not only imminently useful and effective, but safe and reliable as well.



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