AI-Based Data-Model for
Accurate Forecasting &
Efficient Planning

The Client

With 30+ home service brands spanning 27 states, Our Client is home to an accelerating list of exquisite service brands in America offering residential and commercial services like plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services, with a cultural emphasis on principle over policy and the provision of category-of-one technology and resources.

The Business Problem

Before partnering with Copper Mobile, one of the major challenges the client’s organization faced was the existing manual, intuition-based business model which was prone to business loss and system failure.

  • The in-house team forecasted the business enquiries and planned resources based on the recorded unexpandable excel-based data of 12 years.
  • As the business evolved, the absence of data repository and non-inclusion of analytical data from critical sources like ERP, CRM, narrowed their scope of analysis and prediction.
  • Not considering essential data points that impacted call volume like the increasing number of club members, new business onboards, population density and geo-specific demographics.

These business challenges further led the client to encounter an accentuated loss of opportunities and revenue due to fallacious forecasts and estimates.

As a result, to keep up with the pace of business growth and streamline its operations efficiently, the client sought a robust solution to automate its workload forecast and efficiency management process while mitigating the risk of incorrect estimations.

Engagement - Digital Transformation

Post all the brainstorming sessions with the client, Copper Mobile’s team of solutions architect, data engineers, UI/UX designers, quality assurance experts, web programmers, and product managers worked closely with their team to strategically lay out a digital transformation plan to solve their challenges.

All-in-One Data Warehouse – We identified and retrieved data from various like – historical data, Service Titan (ERP), CRM, new business on boards, etc., and developed a central data warehouse to analyze and predict call volume accurately.

Most Advanced AI-based Forecasting Model – To reduce the customer churn rate, our digital transformation experts created an AI-based predictive data model based on correlation regression.

This model was well integrated with third-party weather forecast systems, Service Titan (ERP), and analytics, built with robust AI technology to analyze 10+ weather parameters, including geolocation, population density, etc., along with the current input parameters, the retrieved data from various data sources at the backend.

Smart Dashboard & Automated Reporting System – Our predictive data model was shelled with an intuitive dashboard at the front that offered daily, weekly, and monthly predictive analysis of the call volume & workload, and helped the team in more precise sales forecasting and resource allocation.

The Result

From introducing artificial intelligence and bringing automation to transforming core processes digitally, Copper Mobile’s solutions reciprocated numerous business benefits for the client.

Replacing manual forecasting processes with a well-built data-driven AI-based predictive model improved accurate sales forecasting by 98%, offering a better learning ecosystem and detailed analytics.

In addition, the consolidated data warehouse and integration of the various data points paved the way for client’s improved business operations, growth, and overall customer satisfaction.