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The Business Problem

Whether it’s a conference or a seminar, they all have time consuming logistics. Registrations, resources, payments and delegates all can be complicated and can easily go wrong. Dealing with seemingly endless spreadsheets, sending several hundred emails a day and freaking out every time a speaker backs out or any arrangement does not follow through. It takes multiple resources and numerous tasks to organize an event. Now imagine organizing multiple events in the same month or week. It can be made less intimidating with a simple yet feature rich mobile app.

The Engagement

With our experience in providing innovative solutions for a range of industries and business verticals, we evaluated the need for an event management application and built a mobile application to act as a sales and marketing agent for individual customers to promote their events. Our high performance development team with specialized expertise and skills produce consistently superior results like BUNCH, an event management mobile application. The team relentlessly pursued excellence in developing

the app through shared goals, leadership, collaboration, open communication, clear role expectations, a strong sense of accountability and trust among team members It includes enhanced features such as menu, location information, and management tools for notifications, events, promotions, and offers. It also includes social media and calendar integration, so clients can communicate directly with customers for feedback and notify them of upcoming events

The Result

BUNCH mobile application provides a one stop solution for all events. The application reduces the time and cost that users spend on sales and marketing for events and promotions allowing them to offer an enhanced mobile alternative that is much easier to manage, and more effective in maintaining relationships with current customers and attracting new ones. Our event app empowers organizers to maximize the event

experience for speakers, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. Being unaware of the panel often leaves the attendees confused about what to expect during the conference. We addressed this concern by creating a dedicated section, that would help attendees learn about the panel at the conference through speaker profiles, pictures, bios, history, area of expertise, current employer and the designation of each speaker.