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Helping a telecom giant unleash a valuable sales channel

The Business Problem

Value Added Resellers’ (VARs) sales comprise a healthy percentage of Cisco’s revenue portfolio. This group needs to be efficient and successful in order to maximize Cisco’s profits. But, the UC320 product portfolio is complex, both for the VAR sales staff as well as the intended customer, small businesses. Cisco realized they needed a way to promote product fluency within their sales staff while at the same time providing them with a sales aide that could inform small business owners about the advantages of the UC320 product line without alienating those customers with overly technical jargon.

The Engagement

Copper Mobile began with an exposition into Cisco’s VAR sales channel and the obstacles they faced with their customer base. We began by developing a comprehensive mobile strategy for the UC320 product launch. Then, we not only designed and built the system architecture, we went a step further to actually help Cisco conceptualize sales aides that would make sense for a non-technical audience. We even created animated videos to help sell the product.

The development phase included app design, architecture construction, as well as integration with legacy systems within Cisco. We helped oversee the deployment of the solution and provided ongoing support by interfacing with the VARs to incorporate feedback and iterate the solution to be as effective as possible. This was a holistic, turn-key solution for one of the largest technology and communications enterprises in the world.

The Result

Copper Mobile was able to build an end-to-end solution for every relevant party — Cisco, the VARs and their prospective customers. We interfaced extensively with Cisco and their VARs to build the

most effective solution possible. By working to solve Cisco’s specific business problem, we were able to deliver a solution tailored to their needs that helped Cisco excel.