Waste Management
Done Right with
Proper Communication


Recycle Now is a distinctive valet trash and recycling collection organization in the US. Headquartered in Dallas, the company is known to provide excellent customer service and competitive pricing for each of their projects. The logistics company ensures obedience of recycling laws and timely recycle collection from each doorstep.

As the company continues to expand, it developed and implemented modern technology solutions to build an altogether efficient collaboration system with waste collectors and property managers. Recycle Now also started to provide recycling services to multi-family houses apartment buildings that did not have a recycling dumpster in their community.

The Business Problem

Recycle Now is a differentiator in the field of environmental stability, logistics and waste management. The company was in search of an enterprise app that helped them build a more efficient network to communicate with its clients. Before Copper Mobile took this initiative, reporting and analytics were majorly handled manually, which not only made the task more tedious but also made them lose potential business.

Another major challenge was the company failing to generate automated employee reports regularly. The inability to track employee performances and available hours made it difficult for the organization to function to its maximum potential. A series of related challenges with engaging property managers and more, made the logistics and development team look for advanced technology options in the market.

The Engagement

One of the first things we did for the start-up was to understand and absorb their business logic. We researched the most appropriate way to approach their problems and then recommended a more streamlined way out. During our engagement, we analyzed that the company’s need is to break down its management into a hierarchy and work on each one individually.

We built an enterprise app that segments into four hierarchies, administrator, regional supervisor, supervisors, and DCS (Doorstep Collection Specialist). Different segments have different accesses and permissions in the app over various features, which is how employees can easily track, analyze, and report.

Interestingly, the team was able to collaborate with the clients better, look at each violation report instantly, and thus work in a more streamlined manner.

On technical grounds, we used MVVP architecture for both Android and iOS platforms. The different interface adaptors worked well as a wrapper around the business logic. We used SWIFT for iOS and Kotlin for Android to match the requirements and deliver a premium quality product. Features like Beacons and location tracking are embedded in the app to optimize employee reports. We did multiple rounds of modifications to develop the best possible set of features that make the most business sense.

The Result

In a short period, Copper Mobile was able to deliver an ideal enterprise application to serve better communication flow amongst the organization and the clients.

The app helps clients to track and employees to report better. With the right approach to keep the business logic intact, Copper Mobile continues to have a stellar relationship with Recycle Now.