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Empowering managers to do their jobs via Checklist Mobile App

The Business Problem

Like any leading quick service restaurant chain, Taco Bueno conducts extensive quality assurance inspections both for food consistency and taste, as well as kitchen cleanliness and dining room hygiene. Store managers had to go through daily checklists using a pen and paper, followed by the managers entering all the recorded data into a desktop computer application by hand. This cost time and effort from high-value employees, which meant money was being wasted.

The Engagement

Taco Bueno wanted to partner with both a mobile developer and a mobile device management firm. Copper Mobile was chosen to build the tablet solution while Air Watch developed the MDM solution to track, encrypt and secure Taco Bueno’s fleet of tablets. The engagement required a harmonious working environment between all three partners. Through Copper Mobile’s exemplary professionalism, enterprise savvy and obsession with client success, it delivered an integrated solution solving all of Taco Bueno’s pain points.

The Taco Bueno app transitioned the restaurant chain to an entirely digital QA process, highlighted by nation-wide real-time tracking. The breadth of QA categories — food temperature, security, cleanliness, etc. — required a solution that could capture, analyze and present data in a meaningful and actionable way, while being intuitive enough for any level of employee to use it as necessary, which is precisely what Copper Mobile built. And, the final product integrated seamlessly with Taco Bueno’s legacy backend platform.

The Result

Taco Bueno wanted to save money, improve its QA protocol and modernize its backend operations. Through its partnership with Copper Mobile, Taco Bueno ensured better guest experiences, freed up managers to better do

their jobs, and protected itself from legal liability far more effectively. Together with Air Watch, the three companies worked flawlessly together to deliver a solution every party was proud of.